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IGCC Wins Another Minerva Initiative Award

The Development and Conflict Research Group at the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) has announced receipt of a large five-year grant from the Minerva Initiative.

Professor Eli Berman of the Department of Economics will lead this effort in collaboration with researchers at major universities in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Researchers will study how a country like the United States works with local allies to address a shared threat in a dynamic setting. Using a number of cases in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, they will examine how to use a variety of tactics, including development assistance, and how tax-revenue-sharing and local politics affect the relationships among allies.

“We feel very proud and fortunate that IGCC researchers have again won funding for social science research from the peer-reviewed Minerva program, which is extremely competitive. The grant will support fresh, innovative research by faculty and graduate students, mostly here at UC San Diego,” said Berman. “International research of this type is logistically challenging. We appreciate the ongoing support provided by the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, the Division of Social Sciences, the Office of Research Affairs, our Institutional Review Board and most of all, our staff at IGCC, in enabling our work.”

A description of the research program so far can be found at the DACOR website, igcc.ucsd.edu/DACOR, and at the Empirical Studies of Conflict website, esoc.princeton.edu.